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”Fantastic, amazing, motivating, supporting are a few words that I can use to describe Phoebe. As someone who had never been to the gym before (nor had the desire), she has taken me on a journey over the past 4 years where I find my two hours a week the most stress relieving (and actually enjoyable) times. The partnership with her as my personal trainer has seen me drop 5 dress sizes and transform my wobbly bits to muscle.”


"I have been training with Phoebe for about 4 years. I can honestly say that I am now in the best shape of my life (not bad for a 56 year old!) she constantly pushes me and when I say 'I can't' she says 'you can, its good for you!' which, of course it is. So if you would like to improve your fitness level and body shape go along to Herne Bay Personal Training"


"I was really struggling to lose my baby weight until I started training with Phoebe. She gave me the motivation, focus and the right exercise plan to enable me to achieve what I have. I am so happy and also really enjoying it. I would not have done it without her!"


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